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Specializing in the development, production and sales of intelligent security products

Chengdu Xinzhou Ruishi Technology Co., Ltd., established in Tianfu Software Park in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise with intelligent visual processing technology as its core, specializing in R&D, production and sales of intelligent security products.
Under the leadership of the technical team with Princeton University, MIT, Caspian University and Ph.D. of Chinese Academy of Sciences as the core, Xinzhou Ruishi is committed to the research and development of intelligent visual processing technology and related products, and has won dozens of national invention patents and software copyrights. Xinzhou Ruishi is a national high-tech enterprise, a national software enterprise and a key cultivating enterprise of "Building Innovative Enterprises in Sichuan Province". In 2015, the company's intelligent visual innovation team was selected as the top team of "Chengdu Talent Plan". Strong technology and R&D strength ensure that the company's intelligent visual processing technology has always been at the top level in the industry.
As a leading developer of computer vision and deep learning technology in China, Xinzhou Ruishi is committed to widely applying intelligent vision processing technology to security and other fields. At present, intelligent tracking integrated machine, gun-ball linkage intelligent tracking camera, panoramic high-point linkage tracking camera, face control system, crowd analysis system and video analysis integrated management platform have been widely used in power stations, oil and gas fields, airports, transportation and many other industries, and mature solutions have been formed for different market segments. The company has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known manufacturers and integrators, and established long-term cooperative relations with key customers in the industry.
Thank you for your attention and support in the rapid development of Xinzhou Ruishi! Xinzhou Ruishi is becoming one of the most dynamic, professional and potential suppliers of intelligent visual processing and intelligent security equipment in China. We use wisdom to change the world!

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  • Room 504 D6 Block, Tianfu Software Park, High-tech District, Chengdu 610094, China
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